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2020 Dodge Challenger SRT 392 Granbury, Weatherford, Burleson TX Dealer.

Mike Brown Dodge is the Dealership to get the best prices on the 2020 Challenger SRT 392.

2020 Dodge Challenger Scat


Evolving from the beasty vehicles is the 2020 Dodge Challenger SRT 392 in Granbury Weatherford Burleson TX. It is the high performing middle child of the challenger model lineup. It is lighter than any other trim and packs an extensive list of standard upgrades. With sports cars, performance, resilience and quick response are extremely coveted features; this newly evolved machine combines all these elements as known with the challenger model and carries its own extra techs transforming it into a light weight speed beast. With the wicked features that this model incorporates, from its newly improved engine performance and remodeled outlook, it will be difficult to imagine ordering the challenger in any other form, because once it is handled, it catches on fast and becomes second nature to whoever's driving.  This champion offers the driver a copious amount of grip, a most desired feature as far as sports cars go and a shockingly neutral handling in spite of its weight. With this unique trim line, the turn-in is sharp and responsive, and the gas pedal mitigate whatever understeer may be encountered, the car really proves to be in its own lane, and the throwback styling makes it look as sharp as advertised.

2020 Dodge Challenger SRT
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The 2020 Dodge Challenger SRT 392 in Granbury Weatherford Burleson TX is internally designed around the most important occupant - the driver. This redesign has given the new model the impressive and stylish look it deserves, the driver-centric theme displays as a central console and configurable dash display allows the driver easy access to the cars control enabling him to navigate his/her path even better. The steering is a small-diameter and a stylishly contoured wheel that makes for a better interface and provides the best grip. An amazing quality in this trim is the ample room, sports cars are known for their small and confined internal spaces, but this model puts other cars to shame as it brings a remarkably roomy backseat to the mix, enough to fit two adults with adequate headroom and good legroom. The car boasts of new degrees of superior craftsmanship, improved technology and even more heart-pounding performance. The seats are fashioned out of fine sedoso and houndstooth premium material giving the occupants a soft, smooth and comfortable seating experience. This superior cushioning comes with beautiful contours and large side bolsters that provide extreme lumber support to enable the driver to handle the path with ease. Not to be neglected is the customization features with 16 different interior options to choose from allowing the owner to redesign the car into either a retro-styling or modern luxury.

2020 Challenger SRT
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With the all new improved features in the 2020 Dodge Challenger SRT 392 in Granbury Weatherford Burleson TX trim line, the exterior brings even more refurbished package to the table, the model is a five seat, double door coupe, the car comes equipped with standard 18-inch wheels and automatic headlights for self-controlled visibility, it houses LED running lights and heated mirrors. It has a keyless ignition and automatic climate control; the rear part of this model features air vents and split folding 60/40 rear seats with automatic dimming rear view mirror that brightens and dulls down based on the amount of light in the surrounding environment.  The classy and sporty outlook of this model makes it not only suitable for the track but also for the various social event, it gives off that radiant young feel and emits the impression of trendiness. It is installed with an upgraded exhaust unlike ever seen on a sports vehicle and high functioning performance brakes with four-piston fronts. The model provides optional sunroof and navigational system for owners and offers several retro looks and hood stripe choices as well, with these new upgrades to the design, this whip retained the functionality and fine-tuned exterior with its air gulping inlet on the hood. There is no doubt that more time was spent on this car to maximize aerodynamics and reproduce a vision of excellence.

2020 Challenger SRT Pack
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Even with the evolution of this new trim line and upgrades made to the interior and exterior, there is an even more mind-blowing recreation lying under the hood. One of the many improvements made to the 2020 Dodge Challenger SRT 392 in Granbury Weatherford Burleson TX is the switch to a more active exhaust system, so as expected, it sounds beastly when it fires up and revs up like the monster it is.  The muscle car is the accurate representation of your ideal muscle car. The vehicle is able to perform acceleration from standstill to 60 miles per hour in a record time of four seconds. It possesses a horsepower of 707 that makes it the ultimate automobile during normal driving or on the race track. The car also features a 6.2-litre v-8 engine and a 650 lb torque to the rear wheels. This supercharged engine enables the car to bring an impressive package to the tarmac.  Getting this giant to park in your garage will make you feel a dream come true. It brings motivation to go work or hit the road even when you are bored.

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