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How is coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting the car industry?

As we all are aware, the coronavirus, or COVID-19, broke out in late 2019 and was here in the United States before anyone knew it. It has had a devastating effect in the form of taking innocent lives as well as shutting down the country and affecting small businesses. At Mike Brown CDJR, we were recently asked, how is coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting the car industry? The car industry has been affected in very similar ways other industries have been affected. See what we mean below.

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Vehicle production has halted

As a result of the coronavirus, production of vehicles has stopped. This includes vehicles made in the United States as well as in other countries. As we begin to think about opening up the country and getting back to work, one of the trickiest parts is going to be getting parts to manufacture vehicles again. Across the globe, the supply chain has been either reduced or shut down.

Not only has production on vehicles halted altogether, but many showrooms across the country have been restricted to being open on an appointment basis. However, service stations are able to remain open. It has been deemed that being able to have your vehicle repaired is an essential service.

Car shows across the globe have been canceled

One of the best ways to see new vehicles and learn about what we will be seeing in the future is at car shows. However, some of the most popular ones such as New York, Geneva, Qatar Grand Prix, and the Australian Grand Prix were canceled because of the coronavirus. Some of these shows have been postponed, but most of them will not be held until 2021.

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How do we respond to all of this?

If all of the information above is overwhelming, you are not alone. It is overwhelming to us too. The best way for us to continue to move forward is by remembering that we are all in this together. We firmly believe that we will get to the other side of this pandemic stronger than before. If you further questions about how the coronavirus has affected the automotive industry, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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