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Will Mike Brown CDJR take my vehicle that does not run?

Can you trade in cars that do not run?

You have been thinking about trading in a vehicle that you have had for quite some time. There is just one issue. It does not run. Can you trade in cars that do not run? It depends on the dealership. Some will actually have special events for people to bring in their vehicles that do not run anymore! Learn more about the trade-in process at Mike Brown CDJR below!

Rusty old truck

What is the process for trading in my vehicle at Mike Brown CDJR?

Your first step to trading in a vehicle can actually be done from the comfort of your home. Head on over to our “Finance” tab in the menu and click on “Edmunds Appraisal.” Here, you can tell us about your vehicle and we will give you a True Market Value Report®. This report takes many different factors into account and it produces an approximate of what your vehicle is worth.

Once you have received this report, give us a call! We can talk through selling your vehicle to us and what those next steps would be. Usually, we ask that the vehicle is brought in so that we can see the vehicle in person and determine how much we will pay for the vehicle.

Vehicle being towed

“Push, Pull, or Drag Sales Event”

Sometimes, we will host a “Push, Pull, or Drag Sales Event” where we are specifically looking for vehicles that do not run. We do not have the next event scheduled yet, but make sure you keep checking back so that you bring in your vehicle that does not run at the right time!

If you have any questions about selling us your vehicle that does not run please contact us today! Our team members are friendly and more than willing to help in any way that they can!

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