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Payment challenge, lower my payment

Can I get a lower payment on my vehicle?

Is your monthly payment on your vehicle just too high? Have you been looking for a solution? Have you been asking, “Can I get a lower payment on my vehicle?” We think that we might be able to help with this! At Mike Brown CDJR, we are doing a payment challenge, lower my payment! Learn more about this below!

How does the payment challenge work?

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Here is how it works. Bring in your vehicle to us and tell us that you want to participate in the payment challenge. If we cannot lower your current monthly payment on a vehicle that was purchased more than two years ago, we will make one payment for you. We can also help you pick out a new vehicle and if we cannot get your monthly payment to go down, we will write out a check for your monthly payment! How does all of that sound? Contact us today to learn more!