This 1970 Dodge Challenger Has Never Looked Better

Classic car owners take great pride in bringing their vehicles back to their prime, and with good reason. We've all seen pictures of vehicles from previous model years, but there's nothing quite like actually seeing one in mint condition, up close and personal. That's one of the big reasons why one proud owner of a fully restored 1970 Dodge Challenger recently brought his prized ride to this year's SEMA Show.

In the video, which is embedded below, Steve Magnante interviews the owner of the Challenger in question, asking him about everything from how he acquired the vehicles to difficulties he faced in restoring it. Overall, it's pretty interesting and definitely worth a moment of your time if you're into the history of Dodge.

Really interesting, right? If you're more interested in getting behind the wheel of the Challenger, we can help. The Mike Brown Chrysler Dodge Jeep showroom proudly features the latest version of the Challenger, which you can take for a test drive today, so be sure to visit our Granbury, TX showroom.

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